Friday, December 21, 2012

Desert Snowball Fight!

And so it began.  The most epic snowball fight this desert neighborhood has ever seen.  Who could have forseen that an innocent ice chest--frequently used for peaceful events like picnics, beach days and road trips--would be the vessel to carry such violence to our quiet life.

I expected ruthlessness from Grandpa and Dad and feared my girls would soon be frozen.  But they were up to the challenge.  Summoning months of training in battles such as Lego Star Wars and Zelda Skyward Sword they made their mom proud and soon sent the men running to the house for warmer clothes.

I am not sure what he had done to insult her but Jared was Abigail's primary target, though she did not hesitate to toss one at any poor soul who happened to be in range of her mighty arm.  Stella, however, was possessed by some sort of snowball mania from which no one, not infant, elderly or infirm was safe.  She was also nearly impossible to get a picture of because of her swift and constant movements, no doubt learned from studying the master swordsmanship of Link.

They both took their fair share of hits but these girls are unstoppable.  The battle raged for many minutes and ended with a wet sidewalk, an mini-snowman who was sacrificed for a hit on Grandpa, and some delicious snow-cream and hot chocolate.  It was a good day to be in Bullhead.

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