Sunday, March 11, 2012

Abigail Makes Me Happy

Last week the girls were playing quietly in their room while I cut out new curtains for them.  Twice I went in and found them playing with the diaper creams and lotions after I told them not to.  Pretty frustrating.  A few minutes after I busted them the second time Abigail dressed them both up in different costumes and they came out to the front room and did some goofy dances and silly sounds.  Abigail's reason was that she knew she had upset me and she wanted to make me smile.  How amazing is my kid?  I was only able to get a picture of one of her costumes but even now it makes me smile.

 I also wanted to share Abigail's first sewing project!  She made herself a purse from felt and yarn.  She decided to put buttons and jingle bells on the outside.  I tied the knots and got her started but she did pretty much all the sewing.

 She is so proud of herself and I'm so proud too!  I'll admit that one of my hopes is that my girls will love sewing and creating.  So far, so good!

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