Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miniature Storyboard

Abs loves little things.  I mean, she LOVES little things--like miniatures, tiny bottles, pebbles, small shells, etc.  We had an ornament this past Christmas that had a tiny teddy bear and we would catch her with it every day.  This kid would be all about the Micro Machines if they still made them (moment of silence).  
I had a small tin of these absolutely delicious little fruity candies called Pastillines and thought it would make a fun miniature something or other.  I was tossed between a fluffy miniature kitten bed or a rabbit hole.  I made the mistake of asking her if she had a preference and apparently kittens are so two days ago.  Since my girl is rough, careless and easily distracted I didn't want to spend too much time on it, figuring it will probably last about a week at best.  So I went all Sunday school with the felt story board and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

 This is Betty Bunny and HE (she named and gendered him) seems to enjoy his new home.  My first idea was to glue down the background but instead I made two and left them free so that she can switch them.   
I thought about stitching the whole thing, then I thought about stitching just the bunny and stuffing him, then I thought about the time invested vs the time it will stay un-lost and decided not to stitch anything.  Start to finish it took me about 20 mins and she absolutely loves it.  I think I'll make him a couple more backgrounds--I'm thinking vacation at the beach and inside a home.

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