Monday, October 17, 2011


We went to Knott's as a whole family for the first time since having the baby. It was fun to actually get to ride some rides with the girls (it's amazing what they won't let pregnant women on). And I made a full dinner tonight! Slowly, slowly I'm heading back into normal life which actually brings up a seriously scary thought--Jared goes back to work in a couple days and I really don't feel ready to handle all 3 girls on my own yet. Well, ready or not I suppose I'll manage... I don't exactly have a choice.

Some favorite moments:
  • Abigail learned a song from my mom who learned it from my sister who learned it in her kindergarten class 20 years ago. According to legend the song goes like this:
If you take a turtle and a stick, put them together and see what they make
A neck that's long, a tail that's strong and four paddles, they all belong
To A B C D E-lapmasaurus, E-lapmasaurus, Giant of the sea

Tonight Abigail changed the lyrics to Elasma-STELLA. She cracks herself up.

  • This probably sounds ridiculous to post about but I put Stella's hair in pigtails for the first time today. She's starting to look more and more like a kid rather than a baby.
A moment from the past
  • Liv kicked a ton while inside me. I called Abigail over to feel it from time to time but of course she'd always miss it. One day she finally felt her kick--HARD--and her eyes got huge. She pulled away surprised but then put her hand right back to feel it again and started giggling. From then on she was feeling my belly any time she could.

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