Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ah Haaaaaannn

How quickly things move. I read somewhere that the problem with parenting is that the years are short but the days are long. With three girls there is so much I want to record, to capture, to remember. I am terrible at diaries and I don't want to spend so much time photographing the moment that I forget to be in it. So I am going to attempt to start logging some of my favorite moments of each day here and maybe occasionally put up some from the past that are just too good to let slip out of memory.

Today I spent the whole morning with the girls while Jared went down to Camp Pendleton for a 10K (he did amazing of course). My first morning alone with all three girls. It actually wasn't as stressful as I had expected and on the whole we had a good time.

Some favorite moments:
  • Abigail and I did "schoolwork" for the second time today. She worked on identifying patterns and making straight lines in prep for writing the alphabet. It was so fun to see her excited to learn and practice. She was so proud of herself.
  • Stella is enthralled by Liv and one of the cutest things she does is touch her hand, laugh and say in her deep little voice "ah haaaaaannn" (hand) over and over. She gets such a kick out of touching hands with her. I think I might try to get it on video just because I love her little voice and the way she says things.
Some learning moments:
  • Both Abigail and Stella are starting to show signs of the major change recently. Stella is starting to hit again when she's upset and Abigail is having a minor breakdown with every "no" "maybe" "wait" or "later" that she hears. I definitely need to put more effort into re-establishing a daily routine and I think they could use a little more one-on-one/two time with me.
  • I ran today for the first time since May. What a mood enhancer! I knew I wanted to get back into it and that it was good for me but I had forgotten just how much I actually need it. I'm slow and can't go far but it still felt great. It definitely needs to be a priority for my own mental, physical and emotional health.
A moment from the past:
  • About a week ago Abigail asked if she could read a book to Liv (who was at the time about 2 weeks old). Jared held Liv facing Abigail while she read a memorized book and explained the pictures. She loves books and it's amazing to see her wanting to share that with her littlest sister.

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