Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grocery Store

I've been trying to do a lot more crafts, activities and games with Abigail throughout the day. Here's one of the things we've done today (so far):

I set up a Grocery Store in the living room using empty boxes and bottles I saved.

Abs was given a basket she could drag around the living room to collect what she wanted to purchase.

When she had gotten all she wanted she brought the basket to me to bag up her items, then I told her how much she would have to pay to buy it all (I gave her some Jamaican money then told her how many dollars and how many coins it cost. She did really well counting it out.)

I ended the transaction by saying "Thank you, come again" and she said "Bye, see you at Bunny Scouts" (thank you, Simpsons and Max and Ruby).

Then she set it all back up and we started over.

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Janet Heinrichs said...

This is super fun! I love the comments she makes, and it is so cool to see how fast she is growing and learning! Oh adorable little Abigail! :)