Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Drive

Ok, so there are WAY too many vacation pictures to put up on one post so I decided to break them up according to location/event. The first set of pictures is of our drive(s) to and from AZ. It was long... it takes almost twice as long to get to AZ with a breastfed infant and a toddler than it would if it were just me and Jared. But the kids were great, considering, and we were thankful to make it there and back in one piece and with no major events.

My super buff girl flexing for the camera

Most brilliant idea ever was bringing bubbles. Kept her entertained for as long as I was willing to keep them coming.

So picture-wise it's not that great, but I actually got a picture of a bubble as it was popping! How amazing is that?!

Once we got to Palm Springs on the way home Skipper decided to give us a break and take the wheel for a bit. We took over when we noticed that she was using the steering wheel as a teether.

A glance at the redrocks in Sedona from the 17 fwy. We didn't get to go this trip but even this view carries memories of lying in the sun, walking through the woods, splashing with friends and smoking a good cigar.
I miss you, Oak Creek.

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Kristin said...

That is amazing that you got a picture of the bubble popping! It looks really cool. By the way, I love the picture of you guys up top! Nice haircut! I just added a new header for my blog too. Fun times. :)