Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Drive

Ok, so there are WAY too many vacation pictures to put up on one post so I decided to break them up according to location/event. The first set of pictures is of our drive(s) to and from AZ. It was long... it takes almost twice as long to get to AZ with a breastfed infant and a toddler than it would if it were just me and Jared. But the kids were great, considering, and we were thankful to make it there and back in one piece and with no major events.

My super buff girl flexing for the camera

Most brilliant idea ever was bringing bubbles. Kept her entertained for as long as I was willing to keep them coming.

So picture-wise it's not that great, but I actually got a picture of a bubble as it was popping! How amazing is that?!

Once we got to Palm Springs on the way home Skipper decided to give us a break and take the wheel for a bit. We took over when we noticed that she was using the steering wheel as a teether.

A glance at the redrocks in Sedona from the 17 fwy. We didn't get to go this trip but even this view carries memories of lying in the sun, walking through the woods, splashing with friends and smoking a good cigar.
I miss you, Oak Creek.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter 2010

I'm clearly a couple weeks behind in my posting, but Easter was so much fun this year that I still wanted to put up some pictures. Aba was able to participate in some of the sillier Easter traditions this year and we had such a good time with her. Skippwe contributed to the festivities by smiling and looking adorable in general:

I don't like my kids to match except on Easter. I don't know why but for some reason I really wanted them to be wearing similar if not matching dresses. They're so cute, I love it!

Abs got to dye eggs. She did really well and only spilled a bit. I think she was confused about why we dye eggs... but then again so am I.

Can you think of anything better to get in your Easter basket?

Abs had so much fun hunting for eggs, especially when she discovered that there are surprises in the plastic ones.

A basket full of eggs and a day full of smiles.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Skipper's First Bites

A couple of weeks ago we introduced Skipper to rice cereal--her first solid food! She responded to it well and even tried to help us get the spoon to her mouth faster. She kept trying to lap up the cereal like a dog instead of chew it which made for a bit of a mess. The funniest thing was her tongue--it's so long! With solid foods comes the mixed blessing of independence. A blessing because it makes life much easier in some ways and it's definitely awesome that she's reached this point in development. But it's hard for me as a mom to recognize that it is one of many steps that will ultimately lead to her not needing me as much anymore. Ah, life.