Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love Potion

It's February! Well, almost. It's close enough that Baskin Robbins is selling their best ice cream ever--Love Potion #31! If you like white chocolate and raspberry ice creams swirled with a raspberry ribbon and loaded with raspberry-filled chocolate hearts and chocolate chips then you have to try it. My love affair with Love Potion began over 10 years ago while I
was still living in Flagstaff. I don't remember how I was
introduced but I look forward to it every year.
This year Abs had some for the first time. She was excited just to be going out for ice cream and had no idea that she was about to try the best ice cream ever. I gave her a small amount of just the ice cream part in a kid's cup with a sample spoon. She loved it of course and
stayed surprisingly clean. The only thing she didn't seem to like was whichever spoon she was using at any given moment because she kept wanting to switch with me.
It's amazing to see her grow and be able to share things I enjoy.
Jared doesn't care much for Love Potion #31 (we all have our faults) so unless Jenni or Kristin happen to be out this way in February I'm usually left enjoying it alone. Some might criticize my decision to introduce her to something like this at so early an age. "She'll never want regular ice cream again!" they cry. To that I say: She's 2. She'll eat anything with sugar. The only downfall I found in taking Abs was the sugar crash a couple hours later that produced a whine so powerful it's still lingering in the air an hour after she's gone to bed.


Becky said...

This post made me giggle so much! :)

Jenni said...

awesome! woohoo! I just exclaimed yesterday, "Baskin Robbins! It's almost February! I bet it's there right now!" It renewed my excitement for this month, and getting to introduce more people to the best ice cream ever. I'm so so glad that Abigail is a fan. Great post. And I remember how I was was from my best friend (you!) as we ditched school to go get it. Best ever.

Kristin said...

I remembered on January 25th (too early) and on the 2nd, yesterday. Didn't have a chance to get it yesterday, but thinking about going at lunch today....and buying a gallon to keep at work this month. So bad of me, but it's February, I can't help it!