Monday, January 18, 2010

January Zoo Visit

I love the zoo. Not just any zoo, the San Diego Zoo (in my opinion the only real zoo). Back in August? (my memory of 2009 is a bit fuzzy) we bought year passes and went with my in-laws, but haven't been back since (something about late-pregnancy and a new baby...) Last week we finally went again and it was an enormous success. For those of you who have tried outings with a toddler and an infant you understand that a trip to the zoo can be more like an expedition. So here's how the trip went (if you're not interested in the details, the pictures are below all this nonsense so feel free to skip to them).
We decided the night before that we would get everyone up at 7am and be on our way around 7:30 which means that we actually left the house around 10am. My mom had given Abs a dvd player for the car and this was the first time we used it. It turned out to be quite a patience saver because we got ridiculously lost once we got to San Diego (thank you google maps for making the simplest of trips an adventure).
We finally got to the zoo around 12:30 (the time we had decided the night before to leave the zoo and head home). We found out that the San Diego Zoo is very kid-friendly--something we never cared about or even noticed before but now find that it can make or break a trip. They have a whole section of the zoo specifically for young children, stroller-parking, and even a quiet, private place to nurse.
We took our time and most of the day we let/made Abs walk. We saw otters, monkeys, gorillas, bears, birds, reptiles and a lion but Abs' favorite part of the zoo was the railings which she discovered were perfect for hanging (aka: scaring mom half to death).
We left just in time for traffic but still made it back in time for homegroup--a good thing since it meets at our house. All in all it was an awesome family date-day and I think they'll get even better as the kids get older.

We actually got to see bears wrestling!

Skipper spent most of the day in the stroller but still seemed to have a good time--as good times go for infants.

When I was taking a picture of Jared and Abs in front of the gorillas there was another lady in front of the glass looking at some gorillas in the distance. While she was standing there a young gorilla came and pounded on the glass right where she was. It was hilarious, she jumped so high!

There was another gorilla statue carrying a branch and she tried so hard to help him carry it. She finally gave up saying it was "Haaaveee"

The playground was wonderful. Abs got a lot of energy out both when we first got there and right before we left.

Abs loved the otters. They kept coming up to the glass and swimming circles.

Ok, this was a little freaky. This big bird came right up to the stroller as soon as we waked into the Aviary. It looked scary enough with its red eyes, but then it started to follow us. I tried not to freak out and scare Abs but I was a bit nervous to say the least.

Abs hanging from the railing--one of many, many times.


Anonymous said...

Great pic! Abigail has grown so much. She seems to be passing out of the toddler look. Love, G.J.

Becky said...

I love it! A group day sounds like a FABULOUS idea!! :)

Jenni said...

I wish I could see you as a mom more often. This post helps me feel a little more like I could be there with you throughout your day. Abigail is absolutely adorable and I love the pictures you took, especially the playground one through the bars...good job!