Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grocery Store

I've been trying to do a lot more crafts, activities and games with Abigail throughout the day. Here's one of the things we've done today (so far):

I set up a Grocery Store in the living room using empty boxes and bottles I saved.

Abs was given a basket she could drag around the living room to collect what she wanted to purchase.

When she had gotten all she wanted she brought the basket to me to bag up her items, then I told her how much she would have to pay to buy it all (I gave her some Jamaican money then told her how many dollars and how many coins it cost. She did really well counting it out.)

I ended the transaction by saying "Thank you, come again" and she said "Bye, see you at Bunny Scouts" (thank you, Simpsons and Max and Ruby).

Then she set it all back up and we started over.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toy Story 3

Last week Jared and I took Abs to see her first movie in a theater. She loves Toy Story so we took her to see Toy Story 3 while Grandma and Papa Tony watched Skipper for the morning. We pumped her up about it and spent the night before and the morning of explaining proper movie theater etiquette (for a toddler at least) and she did really well! AMC has liftable arm rests so we sat on either side of her and made a sort of couch. She was a little squirmy but did really well staying in her seat and only had to leave the movie once to use the restroom. Such a great experience and we were so glad we got to take her together (thanks, Mom and Dad!).

Abs had fun playing on the "benches" outside while Jared bought the tickets

Such a big girl! (The AMC employee was a good sport)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Drive

Ok, so there are WAY too many vacation pictures to put up on one post so I decided to break them up according to location/event. The first set of pictures is of our drive(s) to and from AZ. It was long... it takes almost twice as long to get to AZ with a breastfed infant and a toddler than it would if it were just me and Jared. But the kids were great, considering, and we were thankful to make it there and back in one piece and with no major events.

My super buff girl flexing for the camera

Most brilliant idea ever was bringing bubbles. Kept her entertained for as long as I was willing to keep them coming.

So picture-wise it's not that great, but I actually got a picture of a bubble as it was popping! How amazing is that?!

Once we got to Palm Springs on the way home Skipper decided to give us a break and take the wheel for a bit. We took over when we noticed that she was using the steering wheel as a teether.

A glance at the redrocks in Sedona from the 17 fwy. We didn't get to go this trip but even this view carries memories of lying in the sun, walking through the woods, splashing with friends and smoking a good cigar.
I miss you, Oak Creek.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter 2010

I'm clearly a couple weeks behind in my posting, but Easter was so much fun this year that I still wanted to put up some pictures. Aba was able to participate in some of the sillier Easter traditions this year and we had such a good time with her. Skippwe contributed to the festivities by smiling and looking adorable in general:

I don't like my kids to match except on Easter. I don't know why but for some reason I really wanted them to be wearing similar if not matching dresses. They're so cute, I love it!

Abs got to dye eggs. She did really well and only spilled a bit. I think she was confused about why we dye eggs... but then again so am I.

Can you think of anything better to get in your Easter basket?

Abs had so much fun hunting for eggs, especially when she discovered that there are surprises in the plastic ones.

A basket full of eggs and a day full of smiles.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Skipper's First Bites

A couple of weeks ago we introduced Skipper to rice cereal--her first solid food! She responded to it well and even tried to help us get the spoon to her mouth faster. She kept trying to lap up the cereal like a dog instead of chew it which made for a bit of a mess. The funniest thing was her tongue--it's so long! With solid foods comes the mixed blessing of independence. A blessing because it makes life much easier in some ways and it's definitely awesome that she's reached this point in development. But it's hard for me as a mom to recognize that it is one of many steps that will ultimately lead to her not needing me as much anymore. Ah, life.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Many Stories

Here are some of my favorite recent pictures of the girls. Each one has its own story but that's a lot to write so I'll just show the moment and share a couple of sentences about each:

Skipper was watching Abs eat and seemed to be trying to copy her. Not long before she's on solids herself (sigh)

Abs had been sick for a few days and was getting so antsy that I decided to give her a little time outside. She was so happy to be in the sunshine!

A gift from Grandma... she won't wear a hat (only if we call it a helmet) but a feather boa and heels are ok

Skipper discovered that the camera can be caught so close ups are difficult to get now, but worth the risk to capture those beautiful eyes

We spend so much money on teethers, rattles, etc. when all she really wants are her own toes

Jared pulled out his old marble track when Abs was sick. She did surprisingly well with helping put it together and loved putting the marbles in the top "by self".

One of our many trips to the park. They always seem to intrude on Skipper's nap time so she gives out some of her rare grumpy faces

Classic Skipper, she is so happy all the time

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bubble Wand

I've been walking to the park a few times a week with the girls. We're trying to help Soda (and myself, truth be told) lose some weight and it's also a great way for Abs to get some energy out before nap. She has a new bubble wand that she was excited to try out so we took it with us. It's awesome because she just twirls around and it make bubbles, then she runs after them trying to catch them on the wand. While I was happy with the bubble solution it came with, the refill we have really sucks so I'm going to try a formula I found online. Hopefully it will make for some stronger bubbles. I took a few dozen pictures, but here are just a few:

I love Soda in the background begging us to put down the bubbles and throw the frisbee for her.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bling Bib

Skipper has started to drool... and I mean dddrroooolll (picture the letters dripping). I have some bibs for her but she fills them up fast and usually she has to wear a different one after each nap throughout the day then they dry overnight (did I mention that she drools a lot?). I decided to try my hand at bibs so that she has more in the rotation. This one I made out of an old baby towel and some scrap fabric. I used an embroidery stitch and silver thread for the "chain" and "clasp" and some scrap for the "diamond". Now she can have rice cereal at a fancy restaurant without feeling under-dressed.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Toddler Pouch

I love this book called "The Toddler's Busy Book" by Trish Kuffner It has tons of ideas for crafts, games and activities for kids 18-36 months (no, I don't still count my toddler's age in months but it's easier to write than years in this case). Yesterday we made a "Toddler Pouch" by stapling 1 1/2 paper plates right sides together and adding a yarn strap. Abs not only had fun decorating the pouch but she has also enjoyed hanging it on doors, wearing it as a necklace or purse and putting anything in it that will fit.

No Wise Cracks

I know that low-rise pants are popular with the girls but low-rise diapers are just ridiculous.  Concern for fashion starts at such a young age these days.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

After the Rain

I love the rain. I love any weather as long as it doesn't go on forever. Of course, living in Southern California we have almost a complete lack in weather. I know I shouldn't complain about constant sunny skies and warm weather but I really do miss seasons, snow days, storms, and dark clouds. A couple weeks ago we got some actual real rain storms here! It was wonderful to hear the pounding of raindrops on the roof, to see the gathering of water into various puddles and to smell the freshness in the air whenever there was a break in the storm.
During one of these breaks Jared took Abs outside for some much needed run around time (she gets a bit antsy if cooped up too long). My friend Candace got her a cute little knit hat for Christmas so we talked her into wearing it since it was cold out. She refuses to wear any kind of "hat" but if we call it a helmet then she's fine. So here are some pictures of Abs in her "rain helmet" just after a pretty good storm.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love Potion

It's February! Well, almost. It's close enough that Baskin Robbins is selling their best ice cream ever--Love Potion #31! If you like white chocolate and raspberry ice creams swirled with a raspberry ribbon and loaded with raspberry-filled chocolate hearts and chocolate chips then you have to try it. My love affair with Love Potion began over 10 years ago while I
was still living in Flagstaff. I don't remember how I was
introduced but I look forward to it every year.
This year Abs had some for the first time. She was excited just to be going out for ice cream and had no idea that she was about to try the best ice cream ever. I gave her a small amount of just the ice cream part in a kid's cup with a sample spoon. She loved it of course and
stayed surprisingly clean. The only thing she didn't seem to like was whichever spoon she was using at any given moment because she kept wanting to switch with me.
It's amazing to see her grow and be able to share things I enjoy.
Jared doesn't care much for Love Potion #31 (we all have our faults) so unless Jenni or Kristin happen to be out this way in February I'm usually left enjoying it alone. Some might criticize my decision to introduce her to something like this at so early an age. "She'll never want regular ice cream again!" they cry. To that I say: She's 2. She'll eat anything with sugar. The only downfall I found in taking Abs was the sugar crash a couple hours later that produced a whine so powerful it's still lingering in the air an hour after she's gone to bed.