Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Toilet Training

She's a toilet reader!  (sorry, Sandra)

I started toilet training today (she actually calls it a toilet and I like it better so why correct her with an incorrect word?).  We introduced it last week because she kept asking to go "pee pee" on the "ta ta" so we bought her one her size mainly because it's difficult for me to pick her up and put her on the big toilet and hold her there for 5 minutes at a time.  

Today was the first day we really went for actual toilet training (instead of just when she asks) and I have to admit I wasn't as consistent as I hoped to be.  There's something about toilet training that is very intimidating to me.  I was hoping to put this off until late winter/early spring under the excuse that it will be difficult to toilet train her with a new baby in the house.  Really it's because I wanted to wait until it had a better chance of succeeding on the first try.  

I think I'm intimidated because it's almost a mark of parenthood.  Walking, talking, interests--those are all pretty much up to the child.  But toilet training and eating habits seem to have my reputation as a mom at stake--at least it feels like it.  I think it's because I've overheard so many conversations either praising or looking down on a mom for one or both of those things.  For example:  "Can you believe he's still in diapers?!  He's almost 4!" or "Maybe if her mom didn't cater to her tastes she wouldn't be so picky."  

Why do I care so much what other people think about my parenting skills (or lack thereof from time to time)?  Many of the people doing the criticizing either haven't had a toddler in the house for 15+ years or have never had kids!  I hope she does well with the toilet training for a number of reasons (save money on diapers, milestone in her life, convenience, she's so proud when she does it, etc.) but I'm really disappointed in myself that other people's opinion of me and her is actually one of the reasons as well.  

Screw the hens.  I refuse to be irritated with her for going at her own pace, continuing to need diapers for a while and/or having to give up and start over when she's a bit older.  Personal pep talk done, now off to the frog toilet for another round of magazine reading and motivational speaking.  


Jenni said...

haha, good post. fun to read. what a new adventure to work on...and thanks for sharing how you struggle with others' opinions...I think it's a common thing for many parents, but so rarely talked about. way to be real.

Becky said...

My friend's daughter just turned 3 and she is just now training her. She tried several times before, and it just wouldn't take. Each time, my friend would say it just wasn't time for her daughter, she wasn't ready. And now she's doing so well with it. My point is that you are not alone in your thoughts about letting her take her time and train when she's feeling it! :)