Thursday, July 2, 2009

Abs Time

So yesterday Abs and I were having a good, full day together. We went to the park, read books, snuggled, watched Dora and, of course, ate popcorn. She has an old pot and she likes to help us by stirring things in it--Cheerios, raisins, goldfish crackers and popcorn. She was that wonderful combination of sweet and wild.

We had such a great day together that I found myself worried that I'm going to lose this when the new baby gets here. There is still a lingering doubt that follows me. I think if I had actually made the decision to get pregnant it would be doubt about my decision but since I didn't... maybe what I actually doubt is God's plan. He must know how happy we were just the 3 of us. Will we be this happy with 4 of us?

I hope so and I think deep down I believe so. In the meantime I wait for Stella's arrival and take advantage of every good Abigail time I get while it's only her I have to worry about.

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